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A House of Suds Was Created by Two People, Jim And Laurie Borek

Soap is much more than a cleanser that strips the dirt and grime off our bodies: it is a relaxation tool that can help us unwind after a stressful day. Because there are a wide variety of soaps available, you have the option of selecting a scent that will reflect your mood or personality. One of the most luxurious types of soap available is homemade soap, and a great place to purchase homemade soap is A House of Suds.A House of Suds was created by two people, Jim and Laurie Borek, when they took a trip to sunny Florida back in 2008. While they spent some time in Florida, the pair found a quaint store that specialized in special soaps, shampoos and fragrances. Once they returned home, they both began to use the products that they bought from the small store and immediately noticed a difference in their skin. After they saw the improvements in their skin, the couple decided to open their very own store of specialized soaps and A House of Suds was born.

A House of Suds specializes in selling a wide variety of different homemade soap such as goat milk soap and special olive oil soaps. All of the soaps that are sold at A House of Suds are made out of 100% natural ingredients. Regular factory made soaps contain detergents that are responsible for causing dry, irritated and itchy skin because they strip the skin of moisture.

In contrast, the homemade soaps sold at A House of Suds are made with olive oil as the base instead of detergents, which is much gentler on the skin, and it leaves a thin layer of moisture on the skin while still allowing it to breathe. In addition, because these soaps are made with olive oil, they deliver … Read the rest