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Managing Multiple Projects – The Keys to Success

You may feel like a juggler when the workload pressure’s on in project management. Having to keep several balls in the air at the same time as you beaver away on several projects can be a tricky business. The advice is – never panic. In fact, you can actually enjoy the experience if you plan it right and you’ll also improve your time management and organisational skills. Here are some key tips on how to get it right and avoid getting stressed:

Don’t Mix Them Up Importantly, ensure that you keep the projects separate – that’s in your head as well as on your computer. It can be easy to mix things together, particularly if they are of a similar nature and exercise. This can be more of a problem when you start out, where such projects aren’t yet clearly defined as to where you’re going with them. Just try and view them correctly and in their place from the beginning. If you confuse them from Day 1 and get things mixed up then it could be difficult to unravel them later on. Mix ups often happen when you use the same team for different projects and speak to the same stakeholders in relation to what should be two or more of those balls you have in the air.

Get the Priorities Right
It will rarely happen that you will have the same deadlines for each or even that they have the same degree of priority. You just need to work out which of your projects is most urgent at any one time. There is a danger of course that when you are working on several projects at once that you’re tempted to tackle the easier bits first and not get stuck into the one which really should be taking … Read the rest

Numerous Benefits of Organic Fertilizers

Using organic fertilizers has various advantages to it. The most significant among them is that it improves the structure of the soil as a whole, which helps the plant to become healthier and ensures that they grow larger and live for a long time. Soil, with organic fertilizer applied on it, ensures that the stability and strength of both the plants and the soils stay for quite a long period. It stays loose and airy and has the capability to retain the oxygen and moisture.

These qualities of organic fertilizer also enable better quality of drainage. Organic fertilizers have such organic matter in it which attracts a rich variety of useful micro organisms like fungi, earthworms or bacteria that makes sure the soil is kept aerated. The fertilizers also keep on adding back organic matter to the soil; therefore, there is never any shortage of the plant nutrients. Thus, it gets ensured that the roots of the plants get stronger and healthier. Healthy and strong roots are absolutely necessary for proper growth of plants.

Nitrogen is released by organic fertilizers on a slow and continuous basis; therefore, the plants are fed constantly. This purpose is served by the microorganisms that are present in these fertilizers. The plants are helped to absorb the nitrogen that they break down. The growth of the plants may not be witnessed immediately, but in the distant future they are sure to develop in a stronger and healthier manner, because of the rich level of nutrition and resistance of diseases.

Sources of Nutrients
The sources of those nutrients which are present in organic fertilizers depend on the geographical location and the resources and minerals which are naturally present. The nitrogen that is present in organic fertilizers has its source in the wastes of cow, chicken or … Read the rest