Numerous Benefits of Organic Fertilizers

Using organic fertilizers has various advantages to it. The most significant among them is that it improves the structure of the soil as a whole, which helps the plant to become healthier and ensures that they grow larger and live for a long time. Soil, with organic fertilizer applied on it, ensures that the stability and strength of both the plants and the soils stay for quite a long period. It stays loose and airy and has the capability to retain the oxygen and moisture.

These qualities of organic fertilizer also enable better quality of drainage. Organic fertilizers have such organic matter in it which attracts a rich variety of useful micro organisms like fungi, earthworms or bacteria that makes sure the soil is kept aerated. The fertilizers also keep on adding back organic matter to the soil; therefore, there is never any shortage of the plant nutrients. Thus, it gets ensured that the roots of the plants get stronger and healthier. Healthy and strong roots are absolutely necessary for proper growth of plants.

Nitrogen is released by organic fertilizers on a slow and continuous basis; therefore, the plants are fed constantly. This purpose is served by the microorganisms that are present in these fertilizers. The plants are helped to absorb the nitrogen that they break down. The growth of the plants may not be witnessed immediately, but in the distant future they are sure to develop in a stronger and healthier manner, because of the rich level of nutrition and resistance of diseases.

Sources of Nutrients
The sources of those nutrients which are present in organic fertilizers depend on the geographical location and the resources and minerals which are naturally present. The nitrogen that is present in organic fertilizers has its source in the wastes of cow, chicken or other animals and at times in poultry feathers. The phosphates are derived from manures of bats, seals and seabirds, and also composted guano. The potassium is obtained from the seaweed meal that helps the soil in retaining the moisture. Calcium and phosphates are also obtained from bone meal. Both of these are extremely important in order to make the plants and roots grow strongly.

The absorbing of the bone meal by the plant requires processing and digesting of the nutrients by the living organisms. This purpose is best served by the living organisms that are there in organic fertilizers. A thorough research of the nutrient sources is always advisable. It is better to get clarified about all the advantages and disadvantages before you purchase your organic fertilizer.

Organic fertilizers are undoubtedly the best option as far as healthy and durable growth of the plant and their roots are concerned. The fact that there is a repeated, cyclical and sustainable relationship between the living organisms like fungi, earthworms and bacteria, and organic fertilizer, and the growing plants, is the most important advantage of using organic fertilizer for gardening. These are the benefits of organic fertilizer which ensures a healthy growth and long life of the plants.